Tell a story, true or false
A story written atop a horse
A story fashioned in the field
Among farmers as their crops they till
A story told by a mother
To send to sleep her son or daughter
A story told as a warning
To caution against evil yearning.

Tell a story of times passed,
A story that will for generations, last
A story told to preserve history
A story that details a family tree
A story of magic and wonder
A story of lightning and thunder
A story of brave adventures
A story of cowardly ventures.

Tell a story of misfortune
A story that will transport you
To far away cities and sandy dunes
Rocky mountains and fields in bloom
Tell a story we won’t believe
A story that will make us grieve
Only be sure to tell your story well
And our hearts will move and swell.

Tell a story of ‘tha monki’
Tell a story of war or peace
Even though it never ends
Still tell your story once again
Tell a story of a wise cockroach
Tell a story with wise reproach
Tell a story of a proud hen
Tell a story, pick up your pen.

Tell a story of good news
Giving God His respect, His wonder, His dues
Testify of what you have seen
Of things you’ve done, of places you’ve been
Tell a story by which we can learn
A story just for your audience
Or simply tell a story because you can
And I’m sure somewhere you’ll have a fan 😉

Author’s Note: For some oddly appropriate reason, I can hear my friend Emmanuel making a joke or comment from the last line. No? No joke? Well, probably just me then.
P.S – With my ‘Author’s Note’, I just told a story.