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April Fool 2015

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April fool
Is a time of lies and mistruths
So I urge you to figure out what these words mean
“I love you.”

Between Us

– Egbemawei D. Sammy


Nigeria Elections

As I arise I visualise the eyes of spies that rise
To cause defeat and sweep off its feet this amazing feat
Of ideas I hear, here and there
To reform Nigeria’s political sphere.

If this politics sticks like ticks
To suck the blood and curb the flood
Listen to the tick tock of the doomsday clock…
The nation will sink with each wink of sleep.

To make us wake we must take and break
The horns and thorns at the core
The selfish weed and greed that feeds only its need
Who believe they live above democracy. ‎

Arise, O compatriots, but trot to riot not
Surge forth for comfort of a peaceful sort 
I seek to speak for the meek and weak
Who save to not be slaves to the grave. 

Embrace the race apace for grace 
Let your vote tote your dreams and hope
PDP and APC bow to your PVC
Do not let anyone piss on this piece of peace. 

Egbemawei D. Sammy

Better Than Your Source

Dream Big 2

Do not forget where you came from,
But is it somewhere you wish to remain?
Are those shoes you have grown out of
Or shoes you want to fill again?

If you feel better than where you came from,
There is no shame in advancing yourself to grow further.
Once your wings have been spread to the horizon,
There is little need for a closed world again.

Dream big, soar free,
But do not get lost in fantasy
For the only real purpose for a dream
Is to become a reality.

Egbemawei D. Sammy

The Nile

The Nile

More times than I care to count, I visit the Nile
It is my soft spot, my solace, my sanctuary
It is where I go when I don’t want to think for a while
It is where I go when I need to hide.

In the Nile, I get to forget
That things in my world have lost direction
With my head in the sand, there’s no need to accept
Sad, disheartening information.

Tears do not fall in the Nile
Or maybe they do, maybe that’s why
The Nile has a sharp, salty tang
Of regret and sadness that we deny.

Your world might be crashing down around your ears
Might be facing a lawsuit, and have no suit to wear
Or maybe an essay is due, and you’re running out of time
Psshh, those worries do not exist in the Nile.

The world is going to pieces, the ozone is burning
We’re facing deadly diseases, millions are dying
The sea level is rising, but it won’t harm me for a while
I do not need to worry while I’m in the Nile.

But the Nile is to be visited, do not live in the Nile
You can come here for fresh air, stay a little while
But you still have to tackle your problems, hopefully with a smile
For not everything disappears while you’re in the Nile.

“I deny living in the Nile.”
– Egbemawei D. Sammy

Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year 2015

As to the start of the new year you embark
Allow your soul bare itself, stark
Allow your feelings to awaken
Let your pain and anger be forsaken
Depression and heartbreak broken.

To the season, listen
To the sounds that abound around
This winter
As the days become shorter
And the nights get colder
Let your feelings become stronger
Let hugs linger
Become a smile bringer.

The year with happiness
Love and peace and gladness
Of spirit and heart, start
A new race of progress,
Motivated into success,
Today the year begins.
Welcome to 2015.

Happy new year all.
Egbemawei Dimiyei Sammy


It’s Christmas
My goodness, it’s christmas
Where are all the cars?
The people, I hear no laughs
Outside, I hear no singing
No firecrackers, no ringing
Bells or phones, all indoors
Present wrappings on the floors

Wait, that was last year, in another city
I’m back home where it’s different
How we mark the year
With christmas in the air, I hear
Firecrackers loudly banging, and
People shouting and singing, feeling
At home, sweet home, and thinking
This is how christmas should be.



Run when you can
As fast as you can
As far as you can
Until you can run no more
And even then, keep running
Away from danger
And towards your future.

But if your future is in danger,
Make up your mind,
Gird yourself,
Brace yourself
And run towards your future.

Run to face this danger
And keep running
With all determination
Until you win the marathon
And you find where you want to stop.

Few Things In Life

There are few things in life
That make it seem like a blessing
Like parents that love you
Siblings who care
And friends you can rely on
A dream you can pursue
And people to spur you on
A person you admire
And one you’re in love with
A job where you’re comfortable
And a career stretching forward
A house where you can relax
With a hobby that’s refreshing

There’s few things in life
That make it more interesting.

Egbemawei D. Sammy

Nigeria’s Gift

When I was a kid I recited the National Pledge without really considering the words, but from when I was old enough to understand what I was saying, I realised some people should NOT say the pledge if they don’t intend to keep it.

A pledge is a promise. And many have broken said promise.
Myself included.

So I decided: let’s give Nigeria a gift – technically a bribe (shhh!!!) – so she forgives me for having broken my pledge a few times. And as my country turns another year today, I wonder what gift to give her.

Now, I really suck at picking gifts for girls, so I’d like some help with this. After all, Nigeria isn’t just some girl.
She’s a 54 year old transvestite hermaphrodite.

Uh no, I don’t mean that in a wrong way. Honest. Here’s my reasoning.

Countries are all ‘she’, but Nigeria is my ‘fatherland’. There’s also evidence to support my statement.

The Nigerian National Anthem says:
“Arise O compatriots,
Nigeria’s call obey.
To serve our fatherland…”

And the pledge says:
“…To serve Nigeria with all my strength
To defend her unity…”

So yeah…54 year old transvestite hermaphrodite. And not many people – Nigerian and otherwise – realise this.

Back to my question: what gift to get this lovely lady?

I’m not in the government so I can’t promise radical change in the sectors and infrastructures that obviously need it.

If Nigeria was physical, I’d give her a hug. Mindful of the fact that though I call her a she, Nigeria is also a he.
Instead, I’ll give that hug to my family and friends (with a handshake first, so the guys don’t freak out. Can’t do 14 years in prison, you know).

After much thought, I decided to say the pledge again, and mean it. I also make these two pledges today, along with the pledge to my country: I won’t get in an argument today, and I won’t complain about the state of affairs in the country.
Until 12am tomorrow.

That’s my gift to you, Nigeria.
Happy birthday.
Happy Independence.


Different Girls

Our eyes are of different shades,
Different sizes, different shapes,
Different colours, different views
That’s why you don’t see the way I do.

Our different cultures and different races
Open our eyes in different places
Our situations and different experiences
Directly impact on our senses.

Different Nationalities

There are more we try not to see
And fool ourselves not to believe
Making that which looks dull to you
Appear to me in 3D.

If you find you cannot follow
The tribe from which I am carved
Do not destroy that which you do not know
Simply for fears you have.

For that which only you seem to know
Or only I recognise
Can be explained to build a bridge which grows
To span our different lives.

Egbemawei D. Sammy


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